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December 30, 2022 by Lilly Mather

10 Necessary Items You Should Have In Your Car During the Winter

Driving in the winter can be stressful, with or without snow. The recent cold snap left many in North America stranded in their car, and in some cases, people died in their cars from the cold. Make sure you have these 10 items in your car to make sure that you stay safe!

1. Gloves

The hands are one of the most important parts of your body, but they are also very vulnerable to the cold. If you need to shovel yourself out of the snow, gloves are a must! Buying heavy-duty, waterproof gloves will be much more comfortable than cheap fabric gloves.

Water bottle placed on the car.
2. Water and Snacks

If you get stuck in the snow, help might not be there immediately. Make sure to have water and non-perishable snacks, so you don’t get hungry or thirsty while you wait. Humans can’t go very long without water, and certain weather conditions can leave you stuck for a long time.

blanket in the trunk of a car
3. Blankets

If you need to wait for help, you’ll also want blankets in your car to keep you or other passengers warm! You might need to keep your car off to save power, so having blankets is a great idea. Make sure that they are thick and cozy in case you need to stay in your car overnight.

woman Removing snow from car windshield
4. Ice Scraper

You might already have an ice scraper if you park outside, but make sure you have one to scrape off your windows; defrosters can only do so much of the work. If you can’t see out of your car, don’t drive!


5. Flash Lights with spare batteries

Light is in short supply during the winter. If you work a 9 to 5, you’ll likely drive to work and back home in the dark. A flashlight could be essential when figuring out what is wrong with your car, and the flashlight on your phone will drain the battery quickly, so get a bright, heavy-duty flashlight.

Female hand taking red first aid kit from the car glove box.
6. First Aid Kit

If you end up in an accident in the winter, you might need to wait a while to get medical help. Having a first-aid kit will be your first line of protection while you wait. You should keep a first-aid kit no matter the season, but winter is the most dangerous season.

Human hands with jumper cable over the automobile engine in close up. Person charging car battery with power clamps with sunlight in background. Repairing dead motor.
7. Jumper Cable

The cold weather is rough on even the best of engines, so make sure to keep jumper cables in your car in case you need a quick jumpstart. An alternative is also a portable jumpstarter but it is a more pricey option.

man trying to push car out of snow bank
8. Rock Salt

If you get stuck in the snow, sprinkling rock salt near your tires can help the tires gain enough traction to get out of where you’re stuck. An alternative to rock salt is also kitty litter, so if you already have cats, just buy an extra bag and leave it in your car!

Car trinagle on highway with broken car in winter.
9. Safety flares or reflective triangles

If you get stuck in a blizzard, safety flares can help tow trucks or emergency vehicles find you faster. It will also help other drivers spot you, so you don’t end up in a collision. Once the sun goes down, spotting your car from far away can be insanely hard. It’s important to use everything you can in order to stay safe.

Man holding fuel nozzle, filling gas tank of diesel car covered with snow
10. Full Tank of Gas

It might seem unnecessary, but keeping your gas tank full will save you from running out of gas in the cold. That extra amount of gas could be between you sleeping at home or spending the night in your cold car.


Please stay safe out this winter and keep up to date with the car’s maintenance schedule.


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