100 Day Guarantee

Lawrence Kia offers a 100 Day Used Car Guarantee for all our customers! At Lawrence Kia we work hard to be the best choice when buying a used car. We are the only dealership in the market offering 100 Day Guarantee. We designed the program to give our customers piece of mind when buying a used car.

In order to showcase why our customers travel distances to buy a used car from Lawrence Kia, we have presented the used car warranty most dealers provide next to the Lawrence Kia used car warranty.

In order to protect consumers, Kansas State Law requires a minimum warranty after buying a used or pre-owned vehicle. Most dealerships offer this minimum to customers when buying a used car. The National Automobile Dealers Association said is best, “A traditional combustion car has more than 10,000 moving parts and more computing power than the Apollo moon launch. It is easy to understand why the sale of such a complex machine requires regulation.”

Used Car Warranty

The 100 Day Guarantee means in the first 100 days of your ownership if anything goes wrong with the vehicle, simply bring the vehicle into us and we will fix it. No questions ASKED!! We will cover any mechanical and electrical repairs 100%. No money out of pocket!! If the repair takes more than 1 hr we will provide you with a vehicle to drive. You will never be without a car!!

What it doesn’t cover:

  • Cosmetics
  • Wear and Tear
  • Maintenance

When buying your used car, Lawrence Kia offers extended warranties to support issues that may come up outside of the Lawrence Kia 100 Day Pre-Owned Car Guarantee.

100 Day Used Car Guarantee


Kansas State Law