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February 28, 2020 by Brett Peters

2021 Kia Seltos Overview

The 2021 Kia Seltos has finally made its way to Lawrence Kia! The newest addition to the Kia family has a 2.0L 4 Cylinder Engine with 147 horsepower. This vehicle’s size lands right between the Kia Soul and the Kia Sportage. This vehicle gives you precisely what you need with all-wheel drive complete with torque vectoring and center lock, 17-inch alloy wheels, 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, and eco, smart and normal drive modes. This vehicle gets 27 MPG in the city and 31 MPG on the highway for a combined MPG of 29, making this an excellent car for long work commutes, adventures, or first-time drivers!

Check out the quick walk around on the Kia Seltos here.

The Seltos offers five different trim levels to make sure that there is a Seltos exactly for you! The base trim is the LX moving up to the S and then EX. From there, you can move up to the S Turbo and finally, the top trim level the SX Turbo. Check out the different trim levels below:

LX | Starting $21,990 S | Starting $21,990 EX | Starting $25,290 S Turbo | Starting $25,490 SX Turbo | Starting $27,890
N/A Forward Collision Avoidance Assist Camera Forward Collision Avoidance Assist Camera Forward Collision Avoidance Assist Camera N/A
N/A Lane Departure Warning/Lane Keeping Assist Lane Departure Warning/Lane Keeping Assist Lane Departure Warning/Lane Keeping Assist Lane Departure Warning/Lane Keeping Assist
N/A N/A Rear Cross Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist Rear Cross Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist Rear Cross Traffic Collision Avoidance Assist
Android Auto/Apple CarPlay Android Auto/Apple CarPlay Android Auto/Apple CarPlay Android Auto/Apple CarPlay Android Auto/Apple CarPlay
6-Speaker Audio System 6-Speaker Audio System 6-Speaker Audio System 6-Speaker Audio System Bose Premium Audio w/ Sound Connected Mood Lamp
N/A N/A Front/Rear USB Charging Port N/A Front/Rear USB Charging Port

For a complete list of the trim details click here

Within each of the five trim levels, the following three drive modes come standard; Normal, Eco & Sport. For more information on the different drive modes, follow the link here.

Depending on the trim level you are looking at, there are multiple different exterior paint colors that you can choose from, ranging from the simple yet classy Snow White Pearl to the eye turning Sunbright Yellow. You can also have the option to have your Seltos exterior come in TWO colors like the stunning Sunbright Yellow/Black Cherry mix to the Snow White Pearl/Dark Ocean Blue.

Exterior Colors Seltos

The interior Seat trim is also available in different colors depending on the trim level! The interior of the vehicle gives you the option of cloth or Sofino seat trim with blue accents allowing you exactly what you want to add comfort and class.


The Seltos has a unique classy look with a mixture between the boxy Soul and the sporty, sleek Sportage. The height of the Seltos comes in at 70.9 inches, and the length reaches 172 inches. This vehicle is the perfect size for first-time drivers, people not quite ready to upgrade to their first “mom car” or someone wanting to downgrade to a more budget/gas-friendly car!

Second Seltos

The exterior of this fantastic new model comes with metal-look skid plates on the front and rear, a sleek black front grille, as well as the black exterior color surrounding the windows. This black color in those locations adds a sporty look to this model. The rear glass windshield comes complete with a heated timer for those cold winter days when the vehicle is covered in snow, and the front windshield wipers are intermittent variable wipers that allow you to focus on the road.

The headlights also have excellent features to make driving even easier. LED daytime running lights and taillights give the Seltos a sleek, clean look. The auto headlight control turns the headlights on and off depending on the level of light outside, and the projector beam headlights give you the ability to better detect obstacles on the road by the enhanced illumination.

Headlights Seltos


The interior of this vehicle is top of the line. With its ergonomic design and more room than the 2020 Toyota RAV4, the Seltos allows you to easily fit five people comfortably in this cabin with ample room for both your second and first-row passengers. The first and second row comes with standard reclining seats making it the perfect vehicle for those long vacation drives. There are USB charging ports in both the first and second rows to make sure that you always have your devices charged and ready for use.

Interior Seltos

Coming standard in every Seltos model is the always helpful Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Both of these applications allow you to listen to your favorite music, use the navigation provided, and call/text hands-free so you can focus on the road.

Also, adding a look of luxury to this vehicle is the 10.25-inch touch screen. This touch screen allows you to navigate the features of your Seltos easily and efficiently. Depending on the trim level you pick navigation is also available to help you get from point A to point B.

Screen Seltos

The cargo space in this vehicle will feel like magic when you see the room available to you when you put down the 60/40 rear split-fold seats. Also available are roof rails to make those long trips even roomier by storing all your extras up above.

Cargo Seltos

If you are someone that likes to turn up the latest top pop song or rock out to some classic ACDC, then the Bose Premium Sound in the Seltos is exactly what you are looking for. With the 8 high-performance speakers, digital amplifier, and dynamic speed compensation, you can let your love for music soar in this awe-inspiring car.

Bose Sound Seltos

The front row comes with heated seats for those cold winter days when you need to get yourself warmed up and automatic temperature controls. A wireless phone charger is available in the front of the gear shifter, which is perfect for when you have multiple people in the car, and all your USB chargers are being used, you can still keep your phone charged and ready to go.

Features are the icing on the cake for these new models, and the Seltos does not disappoint with the features it has to offer.

Above Safety Seltos


Safety is the top concern for Kia. That is why the Kia models are ranked as top picks by the IIHS. And the Seltos will most likely join the other Kia models with its awesome safety features. Some of the features are shown below.

Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist-Rear- This safety feature is one of the best features to have in your vehicle. It will not only keep you safe, but it will make you a better driver. This is perfect for those pesky blind spots that you do not notice when you are trying to switch lanes in traffic. If you are trying to change lands and the BCA-R notices someone in your blind spot, it will apply brake pressure to the front wheel on the opposite side to help maintain your course and keep you from merging. An audible warning will also sound to let you know not to get over.

Blind Spot Seltos

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist- This feature will help you to keep from having those moments where you have to slam on your brake because the person in front of you comes to a crazy stop, or you do not notice that a light is red and people are in the middle of the crosswalk. FCA uses a radar system to detect potential collisions, and will automatically apply the brakes to keep you and the object you are avoiding safe from harm.

Lane Departure Warning & Lane Keeping Assist- These two safety features work hand in hand with each other to make sure that you are driving safely on the road. With LDW, it will detect if you are drifting outside your lane and make an audible warning, from there LKA might intervene and guide you back into your lane by applying steering input.

LKA Seltos

Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance- Backing up is much safer and easier with this feature. Sensors can be found in the corners of the rear bumper that will scan for vehicles, pedestrians, and many other moving objects that might keep you from backing up. If something comes into view of the sensors, an audible and visible warning will announce, and braking could occur to keep you from backing up until the obstruction has passed.

Safe Exit Assist- This safety feature is great if you have little ones trying to scramble out of the second row. The SEA will alert you when someone is trying to exit the vehicle if the sensor detects a car coming that way. This will make sure to keep you and your loved ones safe when exiting the car.

SEA Seltos

The Seltos allows you to connect your vehicle to the Kia UVO app and will keep you connected wherever you are. Certain features of your Seltos can be remotely accessed with the UVO link or online portal. You can keep up to date with notifications with the in-vehicle notification center as well as connecting your profile to the vehicle.

The Seltos is the next generation of Kia, and we are here for it. Make sure to browse our Seltos selection here.

Fourth Seltos

You can also build your own Seltos with the help of one of our expert Kia specialists. Just give us a call at (785)-856-8700.

If you already know the Seltos you want, you can reserve your first one today! Just click here.

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