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December 14, 2022 by Lilly Mather

5 Car Decor Items that Will Bring Christmas Cheer with You on Your Travels!

Bring the Holiday Cheer during your Holiday Travels this year with these 5 decor items. The smiles you’ll get with be worth every penny!

Reindeer face

Transform your car into Rudolph with this set. Attach the antlers to your windows and the nose to the front of your car and off you go to save Christmas! These will bring a smile to the face of any person that you pass. This would look adorable on our 2023 Kia K5!

Promising Review: “I have always wanted reindeer horns and a nose for my car. They look so cute on other people’s car. So I went for it this year. This was super easy to install. The horns just slide down on top of my windows on the drivers side and passengers side, then I roll the window up. And the nose has, like a metal twist tie on the back. It’s similar to what you find on the back of toys when taking them out of the box. But I just wove the twist tie in through my grill and twisted multiple times to assure it wouldn’t fly off. Be weary about remembering not to roll your Windows down unless the vehicle is fully stopped, the horns will fly off. I have gotten giggles and compliments on them. They are great.” – MesEHair

Get it from Amazon for $14.99

Car Wreath

This decoration is a little more subtle but just as fun. Just stick the wreath to the front of your car and take a little Christmas spirit wherever you go. Pop this onto the front of our 2023 Kia Sorento!

Promising Review: “This wreath was easy to install. The cord was plenty long to go along the inside of my hood without touching any moving parts and slip into the passenger door to the cigarette lighter. It took 10 minutes top to install. I will suggest getting much longer zip ties and a few extra for the install though. I have a Ford F150 and the wreath fits perfectly center on my front grill. The lights are a bright white LED and the wreath is sturdy. I definitely recommend purchasing it!” – Kristen Fitzgerald

Get it from Amazon for $21.99


Santa Hat headrest covers

The last two decorations were for -, this gift is for those who want a little christmas spirit on the inside. These two santa hats fit onto the headrests in your car and makes you feel like your in santa’s sleigh cruising down the highway.

Promising Review: “ These were so cute to use for Christmas. I was nervous about how they were going to look considering my head rest aren’t that big in my Toyota Camry. However, when I put them on the headrest they stayed on for the full month of December and fit just right. Very cute! Cant wait to use them again next year.” – Britt B

Get it from Amazon for $11.77

Grinch passenger

If you love getting a laugh out of everyone, this blow up grinch will excite all that see it. Just plop it into the passenger or the back seat and take the grinch for the ride to Whoovillie.

Promising Review: “My friend “the Grinch” did ride-alongs from December until the middle of January. He was not only a great companion and we did get many looks and waves from kids, my dashboard lights went out one night, His light was so perfect that without the dash lights working – he made everything on my dashboard visable. While this certainly wasn’t MADE for this – it helped. The only bad thing that I can say? The company has Christmas and Halloween Car Buddy’s but I sure would like one for Valentines Day and Easter.” – MomMom

Get it from Amazon for $39.99

Christmas Movie Air Fresheners

You might not be able to watch your favortie Christmas movie while you’re driving, but with these air fresheners, you can bring the movie along with you on your travels. Snoopy’s Christmas Air Freshener is our personal favorite but bring Rudolph, Jack Skellington and the Griswolds with you this year!

Promising Review: “When i tell you that i am obsessed with my “Griswold Family Truckster” air freshie, I am obsessed. Thank you for feeding into my love for all things Christmas Vacation. The air freshie is so cute and smells amazing!” – vintage ragazza

Get it from Etsy for $9.00+

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