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June 25, 2015 by Anne Kelley

Awaken Your Soul with Kia’s Most Dynamic Hatchback

If your busy life demands an all-in-one solution, we think we’ve got one for you:

The 2015 Kia Soul.

No, really!

With 60 cubic feet of available interior cargo space (and that doesn’t account for available space on-roof with convenient Kia storage accessories, like roof rails and racks), versatile seating, a smooth ride, and ample horsepower for the stress of Lawrence, KS, this spunky hatchback has a lot to offer at a surprisingly low price.

Watch the video below to see Autotrader’s five reasons you should consider a new Kia Soul when you next buy or lease a car.

The team at Lawrence Kia appreciates a well-rounded car. And while the Kia Soul is quite literally well-rounded, with curving lines and an unmistakable style, it boasts a broad range of benefits and great new features for drivers. Relax in the upscale new cabin, get your hands on 130 horsepower, and enjoy more standard features in the new Soul hatchback than in many of its competitors.

Browse online or venture to our Lawrence KS dealership to research features and specs in the new Soul, compare to other models in the new Kia lineup, or stop by for a test drive. Feel your own soul stirred by this one.

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