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April 6, 2016 by Anne Kelley

Lawrence Kia Wins the 2015 Elite Service Platinum Award

It is my pleasure to announce that Lawrence Kia Service Department has won the 2015 Elite Service Platinum Award from Kia Motors! This is a big honor and not something that comes easy to our Service Department.  There are 3 different types of awards; Silver, Gold and Platinum. 385 Kia dealerships in the USA compete to win this award.  The Elite Service Platinum Award means that we are in the Top 10 for all Kia Service Departments when it comes to customer service. Lawrence Kia is officially 6th out of 385 dealerships!!

It was a proud day for the Lawrence Kia team! This is Duane our Services and Parts Director accepting the award from James our Kia Motors representative.

Of course the award is not an award for one person, it is for the entire team. Here is another picture with our dealership partners Chin and Scott.

Lawrence Kia Number 1 in Customer Service

The Lawrence Kia Service Department has continually received the “Kia Traveling Banner” which is awarded quarterly to the Service Department with the “Top Customer Satisfaction” in the district. Lawrence Kia has had this banner now for  5 quarters in a row.

This is what the Kia Traveling Banner looks like.  When you come to our Service Department we have it proudly hanging in our service and parts area. A banner is just a banner, but this banner is won through our Parts and Service Department professionals being exceptional at what they do every day; providing service to you our loyal customers! Here is a great shot of the team with the banner.

Lawrence Kia #1 in Service

It is always nice working with an award-winning team. Remember, we are looking for a Service Technician so if you want to work for a company that invests in certifications and training employees, fill out an application.

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7 responses to “Lawrence Kia Wins the 2015 Elite Service Platinum Award”

  1. Brian Sciumbato says:

    Lawrence Kia Team,
    On behalf of the entire Central Region Kia Motors America Team, congratulations and well done with all your strong efforts and teamwork to provide exceptional service experiences to your guests!
    Best regards,
    Brian Sciumbato – Regional Parts & Service Manager

    • Anne Kelley says:

      Thank you Mr. Sciumbato for your comment. It is an honor to be a part of a team always focused on customer service. From the showroom to the service bay customer services is always first!

  2. Duane Roberts says:

    Thanks Brian! I can’t begin to tell you how proud we are of being a Top Ten KSI Dealership! We truly put our heart and soul into what we all do everyday! It’s so nice to see our customer’s respond by giving us consistently high marks and leaving such gracious comments in their Surveys! We are definitely planning to continue raising our levels of customer care and we are looking forward to winning this again next year!

  3. Scott Fitzgerald says:

    Congratulations Lawrence Kia! To achieve such distinction requires a total team commitment. BIG thanks for your continued support & exceptional service… every member of your team deserves it!

    Scott Fitzgerald – Director Central Region

  4. Duane Roberts says:

    Thanks Scott! You couldn’t be more correct on your “Total Team” comment! I have worked really hard to assemble a Service & Parts Team that are like-minded and genuinely see Customer Service as a Top Priority! Everyone who works for me knows that I have a unvarying expectation that we treat every customer as our Friends & Family!
    And I have to say… I’m really happy and excited that you and the rest of the KIA Corporate Team are recognizing our hard work! Thanks again!

  5. Thank you for all the comments and congrats. We couldn’t have done it without our loyal customer base. Dedicated staff + Happy customer = Great achievements and awards.

  6. Chelle Lear says:

    We love our Lawernce Kia service department.

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