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December 31, 2021 by Anne Kelley

Kia Rear Occupant Alert

Kia strives to be a family-friendly brand of cars, which means keeping up with the newest technology to protect every passenger. That’s why Kia goes above and beyond the safety features available in other vehicle brands. One of the newest safety features for modern Kia vehicles is the Rear Occupant Alert system, which can make the driver aware if anyone is forgotten in the back of the car.

Having a child or pet accidentally forgotten in a car is always dangerous, but when the weather is especially hot or cold, it can turn deadly much faster. Kia’s Rear Occupant Alert system can help parents and caregivers and prevent a terrible tragedy. This technology can protect the life of the most vulnerable members of your family.

There have been laws proposed to make such alerts a standard feature in vehicles in the future, but Kia has made this safety technology available right now.

Accidents can happen to anyone

A slip in attention can happen to anyone, even the most devoted parents and guardians. When parents are stressed and exhausted, they can forget a quiet or sleeping child in the back of the car, especially if there’s been a change from the parent’s usual routine.

Although some of the vehicle tragedies that we hear about involve a parent forgetting that a child was in the car, sometimes children wander into the car by themselves while playing. The parents may not realize where the children are, and the children don’t know how to get out of the car on their own. Some alarm systems in Kia’s larger models can also detect movement in the back of the car and can alert the caregivers in such a situation.

It’s important to understand that no one is perfect, and that having a back-up alarm system isn’t a sign of weakness. Taking extra steps to ensure the safety of your children means that you’re being a proactive caregiver. 

How does the Rear Occupant Alert work in a Kia?

Most new Kias come with a Door Logic System. The Kia’s computer notes when a rear door is opened before driving, which often means that a passenger is in the back seat. After you park, the vehicle will sound an alert and flash a reminder if the back door isn’t opened soon after the driver gets out. The Kia’s screen will display a message to check for rear-seat passengers.

rear seat


The 2022 Model Year Telluride, Sorento, and Carnival have additional features available. The Rear Occupant Alert system in these vehicles uses ultrasonic sensors to detect motion in the back seats. The ultrasonic sensors can detect movement in a parked car for up to 24 hours after the car has been parked. The system can honk the horn and flash the lights to alert the driver that someone was forgotten. The hazards lights will flash and the horn will sound for 25 seconds at a time, up to eight times, so even if the driver has already left, it’s likely to attract the attention of someone nearby. This system is also helpful in the situation when a child might sneak into a car without the parent realizing they’ve done so.

If the driver uses a Kia Connect account, the car can also send a push notification to the driver’s smartphone.

Although the Rear Occupant Alert can go to great lengths to notify the driver of anyone stuck in the car, it’s still best to form the habit of checking the backseats every time the family goes for a drive.

Safety is Kia’s Top Priority

Rear Occupant Alert is just one of a number of top-rated safety features that are included in our new cars. Kia vehicles consistently win top awards for safety, and automatic features can help with blind spots, braking, and lane-keeping, among other features in Kia’s suite of safety technology.

To take advantage of all the newest technology in safety features, come to Lawrence Kia and test drive one of our new 2022 models. There’s nothing better than the peace of mind you’ll enjoy when you know your family has the best possible protection on the road.

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