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January 31, 2022 by Anne Kelley

How to Customize your Kia Driving Experience

New Kia vehicles now come with a standard safety suite of features that can make your driving experience a little more comfortable and secure. You’ll find the perfect mix of customizable settings and automated driving help. Driving a new car in 2022 is a very different experience than it was even just a few years ago. 

Many of Kia’s advanced safety features are turned on by default but can be turned off if the driver prefers having more control. Like the Lane Keep Assist, other features can be customized by the type of warning that the driver prefers to minimize distractions.

Your driver’s manual will have detailed information about how to customize each safety feature available in your new Kia. It may take some experimenting to determine the perfect settings for your own individual driving habits. Some of the automated features might seem different at first, but with practice, it can feel like just another extension of your own driving control.

What is Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS)?

Most new vehicles now come equipped with advanced driver-assistance systems, also known as ADAS. These groups of electronic technologies can assist drivers with safety features on the road and parking functions. ADAS minimizes human error, which can prevent car accidents and dangerous situations. Kia’s ADAS is called Drivewise.

Drivewise uses sensors and cameras combined with automated technology to detect nearby obstacles or vehicles. It can be set to correct driver errors or sound a warning in a precarious situation. 

Drivewise systems vary depending on the vehicle and trim, but can include lane-centering steering assist, adaptive cruise control that works in stop-and-go traffic, and front, rear, and blind-spot collision avoidance technology. Some Kia vehicles also include camera systems and automated actions to aid in parallel parking. 

Adjusting the Drivewise Settings

User settings for Drivewise can be controlled within the instrument cluster or infotainment system, depending on the car’s model and trim. To adjust the settings, make sure the vehicle is in Park, with the ignition on. Press the Mode button on the Steering Wheel. You can move through the menu by pressing the OK button. Alternatively, you can use the SETUP key on the navigation system. Then press VEHICLE on the touchscreen. This will take you to Vehicle Settings mode. Use the touchscreen to navigate and make selections. Each feature may have several submenus. 

How can Drivewise be customized?

Most of the driving assistance features can be turned on or off, or they can be set to only give a visual and auditory warning in case of danger. You may also be able to adjust the volume of the warning, depending on your vehicle and trim.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist can be adjusted to give either an early or later warning, depending on the distance between cars. The driver can also decide whether the car can intervene with automatic braking, or simply give a warning of an impending accident. Blind-spot Collision Warning has similar settings, as does the Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist.

Lane-Keeping Assist, which may adjust the driver’s steering, can be switched to a Lane Departure Warning with the Mode button. It will return to its previous state when the car is turned on again.

Smart Cruise Control with Stop & Go has a few adjustable settings. You can set the speed you’d like to maintain, as well as the approximate distance between your car and the car ahead. You can also switch the mode to standard cruise control.

For more detailed information about the safety features included with your particular Kia model, check your owner’s manual. You will also find instructions for how to customize each of the settings. 

New Technology for a Better Driving Experience

The experience of driving a car has definitely evolved in recent years with so many technological developments. You’ll find that driving in a new Kia is both safer and more exciting than ever. If you’re excited to try a whole new driving experience, check out the latest 2022 vehicles available from Lawrence Kia. When you have a vehicle in mind, give us a call or just stop by! You can take a test drive and get to know the advanced safety features and controls firsthand. 

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