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January 30, 2020 by Brett Peters

Kia Accessory Guide

Kia has a fantastic line up of Sedans, Hybrids, and SUV’s. Each of the great models has excellent features that help make your life easier when driving from place to place. But sometimes there is that one thing missing, whether it is a remote start that makes sure you are warm when you get in your car in the morning or a cargo net to hold all your groceries in place. Accessories are what make not only an ensemble but a vehicle as well! The following is a list of Kia accessories that are bound to make your car safer, more fun, and make your life a little easier!

Before you get started on accessories, you have to find the perfect vehicle! Check out our selection of vehicles here!


The following accessories vary by price depending on the year and the model vehicle. Some accessories are not available depending on the year and model of the Kia vehicle.

Remote Start

Remote Start: Some vehicle packages come with remote start, but many do not. Remote starts are one of the top-selling accessories for many people. It is an excellent gift for a loved one, especially during the winter and summer months, when the cold and heat hit. This accessory can be installed for both key and keyless cars.

Cost: $366-$690

Interior Lighting Kit: This awesome accessory is great if you want to add a little fun and color to the inside of your vehicle. The interior lighting kit is completely integrated with your vehicle so that the lights will turn on and off and stay on when you are driving. The lights will add fun and ambiance to your vehicle just for you!

Cost: $198-$648

Hood Deflector & Protector: The hood deflector is a nice accessory that will guard the front of your hood from insects and minor road debris that can fly up from vehicles. The hood deflector will also channel the airflow away from your windshield. The hood protector is a custom fit clear applique that will also protect your hood from insects and minor debris and rocks. These two accessories are great if you want to make sure that your hood is protected from rocks flying back as well as protecting the paint from insects and debris.

Hood Deflector Cost: $47-$162

Hood Protector Cost: $112-$182

Splash Guards

Splash Guards: Front and rear splash guards are another great accessory that will help protect and minimize the spray of water, mud, snow and rocks therefore protecting the paint on your Kia from getting blemishes and chips in it. The splash guards are custom fit molds designed specifically for your Kia.

Cost: $26-$79

Sports Visors: Sports visors offer a fresh look to your vehicle. They help reduce sun glare when driving. They also help reduce wind noise when driving on the highway. These are a nice feature to keep out moisture and rain. They also allow for the window to be rolled down a small amount in the summer to keep the air flowing through the vehicle

Cost: $38-$232

Sunroof Deflector

Sunroof Deflector: This accessory is aerodynamically designed to keep the air circulating throughout the cabin when the sunroof is open. The sunroof deflector is also made to allow air to pass over the sunroof, which reduces the noise inside the vehicle. The sunroof deflector is nice to have since most people will only use their sunroof when they first purchase their car, and then they get tired of the noise and quit using it!

Cost: $47-$172

Cargo Mat: This is a custom fit mat that is made for the different Kia models! The cargo mat is a great accessory to have for your trunk space. It is easy to put in place and remove and keeps the original carpet of your Kia clean. Spills and dirt make for easy clean up with the cargo mat. All you have to do is pull it out, clean up the mess and place it back in your trunk. All the while, the inside of your trunk looks good as new!

Cost: $80-$165

Floor Mats

All-Weather Floor Mats: The all-weather floor mats are a big seller for Kia accessories. The all-weather floor mats are waterproof for those messy spills and dirty shoes. Whether you are tracking in snow from the winter months, mud from those rainy days, or sand from a summer day at the beach, these floor mats can take it all. They are easy to remove and easy to clean, so you have no problem keeping your Kia nice and fresh for your next adventure.

Cost: $78-$269

Cargo Tray: The cargo tray is also a big seller. This Kia accessory is custom fit for your Kia model so that it fits into the trunk of your vehicle perfectly. This waterproof tray will not only take spills and dirt but is easy to remove for easy cleanup. The tray is also great because it will hold items in place and keep them from flying around with the grooves along the bottom of the tray.

Cost: $25-$130

Cargo Net

Cargo Net: cargo nets are the perfect accessory to keep all your items from spilling out when you open your trunk. This lightweight netting will keep sporting equipment, groceries, and all your other day-to-day items from spilling out and will make it easy for stable transportation.

Cost: $25-$165

Roadside Assistance Kit: The roadside assistance kit is something that everyone should have in their vehicle. This 38 piece kit will make sure you are prepared for any emergency. The kit includes pliers, screwdrivers, bungee cords, first aid items, jumper cables, flashlight, and so much more.

Cost: $66

Severe Kit

Severe Weather Kit: This kit is another accessory that everyone should have in their vehicle for those times when your vehicle stalls out on the side of the road, or when you get stuck and cannot get out. This kit includes; a shovel, hand warmers, flashlight, gloves, ice scraper, first aid items, and much more. Keep yourself from being caught in a predicament by having this kit in your vehicle at all times.

Cost: $75

Spare Tire Hardware Kit: Many of the Kia models come with a tire mobility kit that will get you to a local dealership so that you can get your tire patched up, but this spare tire kit will do more than that for you. This kit has everything you need to change your tire so you can save time and do it yourself! The tire is sold separately.

Cost: $115-$240

Paint Pen

Paint Pens: One of the top-selling accessories is the paint pen. This is a fantastic item to have around. The paint pen is used to touch up your Kia model that might have minor scratches on it. It is simple to use and will keep your vehicle looking good as new!

Cost: $9.45

There are many more accessories that you can look for, including key chains, license plate holders, phone mount, auto-dimming mirror with HomeLink and compass, and so much more! Accessories will not only make your life easier but will keep you safe and make your vehicle even more enjoyable.

You can find out the exact cost of the accessory you are looking for as well, depending on your model year, by going here.

You can also call our parts department at 785-856-8700 to get these items ordered if you know what you want!

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