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August 31, 2021 by Anne Kelley

Kia Carnival Hi-Limousine

Kia is well known for its affordable family cars, but they’re taking a surprise trip into the world of luxury with one of their Carnival models.

The Carnival was previously known as the Sedona in the US, but Kia has moved to using the Carnival name worldwide. Minivans have the reputation as the vehicles of busy soccer moms, but Kia is taking steps to turn them into so much more. After SUVs have dominated the market, customers are once again discovering the fun of driving a spacious minivan.

Next time you visit a Kia dealership, be sure to check out the latest Carnivals for your family. But now, let’s take a sneak peek at a surprise luxury Carnival that feels more like a limousine than a van. You’ve never seen a minivan like this before!

The Carnival Surpasses Expectations
2021 Kia Carnival

Kia Carnival is already far beyond your average minivan. In fact, it’s so different from a typical minivan that Kia doesn’t even call it one. The Carnival is classed as a Multi-Purpose Vehicle, or MPV. The Kia Carnival MPV sets itself apart from comparable vehicles with premium comfort features that are more than what you’d expect from any van. For example, the EX Passenger Van version comes with reclining second-row seats that are heated and ventilated, and have deployable leg rests.

There’s a DVD player and digital media available, as well as USB ports throughout the vehicle to keep everyone charged and connected. A panoramic sunroof is an available option to get the best views, and tri-zone Automatic Temperature Control will help to keep everyone comfortable in all kinds of weather.

Other impressive features include first row LCD monitors, driver lumbar support, and heated front seats. Kia’s safety technology, like blind spot sensors, automated emergency braking, pedestrian detection and lane departure warnings, makes traveling feel safe and secure, as well as fun.

The Carnival definitely feels like a van for the 21st century.

Limousine Luxury Combined with Minivan Space

However, there’s a new type of Kia Carnival that takes luxury to the next level. The spacious Kia Carnival Hi-Limousine has an extravagant interior that lives up to its name. It feels much more like a limousine than a minivan, but it has the benefit of a high ceiling like a van, giving it an even more roomy feel than your average limo. The ceiling is even raised above normal minivan dimensions, giving it extra headroom.

The interior design immediately conjures up the feeling of being in a limousine, with pleated curtains on the window for shade and privacy, ambient LED lighting, and cushy seats. A built-in air purifier keeps the air inside smelling perfectly fresh. A curtain can even separate the driver from the passengers for privacy.

Other Carnival models typically have eight seats, and some versions have up to 11. But the Carnival Hi-Limousine has only four. This gives each passenger plenty of room to recline or stretch out. There are various compartments to store belongings, as well. The rear bench has been removed for extra interior space. The individual lounge chairs are upholstered with quilted leather and feature individual tray tables and leg rests. Drink holders are temperature controlled to keep drinks hot or cold. Touchscreen controllers are situated between the seats. Another touchscreen is mounted on the ceiling for entertainment or presentations.

At the base of the front seats, there’s a refrigerated drawer that’s perfect for having cold drinks ready at all times. There’s also a shoe storage compartment, which will come in handy when the passengers kick off their shoes to take advantage of the Carnival Hi-Limousine’s built-in automated foot massager. Fancy!

Sold Only in Korea – For Now

Although it’s currently only available in Kia’s home country of Korea, the Carnival Hi-Limousine is an intriguing model that would surely be a big hit in the US, as well. Maybe someday we’ll get to ride in one here!

In its South Korean home market, the Hi-Limousine sells for the equivalent of $75,000 USD. Not a bad deal for such a high-end vehicle. We’ll definitely wait to see if the Carnival Hi-Limousine becomes available in the US, but in the meantime, the regular Carnival models are also a fun ride.

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