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April 30, 2021 by Anne Kelley

Kia Debuts EV6 Electric SUV

Choosing a car can be a minefield of ethical questions. How many emissions are you pumping into the environment in order to drive back and forth to work every day? How much new material has to be created from totally raw materials in order to build that car?

Kia’s EV6 line of fully electric vehicles aims to be a different kind of vehicle, and the first of a whole new family of cars under the Kia banner. Designed to go further with less power on less fuel, while incorporating recycled materials in its interior, the EV6 SUVs is an automobile that truly embraces what it means to be an eco-friendly option for personal transportation.

A Kia of a Different Color

The EV6 is unlike any other electric offering in the Kia family. For starters, it’s the first that’s been built from the ground-up to run on electricity. Other Kia hybrids and fully electric vehicles in the past were created around an existing platform, forcing all the necessary components into a body made for gasoline power and other traditional systems.

Instead, the EV6 utilizes the Electric-Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), which has a number of advantages. For one, it allows for a flat floor, which gives designers more flexibility in interior layouts. This makes it far easier to create more room inside for both driver and passengers, no matter where they’re sitting. With a 2.9-meter wheelbase, cabin space is similar to that of mid-sized to large SUVs currently on the market.

Sustainable Materials, Time-Saving Charges

Owning an electric vehicle sends a social message to the world. Then, why are so many electric vehicles still sourcing interior materials from unsustainable sources? The EV6 utilizes more planet-friendly materials in its interior, such as recycled PET (equivalent to up to 100 empty water bottles). What better way to expand on the already increased environmentally friendly stance of an electric car than to own one that’s made with recycled materials?

Of course, the list of things that the EV6 saves doesn’t really stop with the planet. Its unique design also helps save time with a high-speed 800-volt multi-charging system. It may sound incredible, but you can literally charge your car for a 60-mile trip in just 4.5 minutes. Got a few more minutes to spare? It only takes 18 minutes to charge your EV6 from 10% to 80% capacity using the same system.

Each of those full charges in a 77.4 kilowatt-hour battery system can take you as far as 316 miles. But even the smaller 58 kilowatt-hour battery option gives you plenty of range to drive and drive. The standard vehicle-to-load (V2L) system is super handy for all sorts of uses. Imagine traveling with a portable electric supply anywhere you go! From powering your home with up to 3.6 kilowatts of power in an emergency to adding a little extra glam to your next camping trip, V2L is all about making your days easier.

Top Tier Performance and Safety

With almost 600 horsepower in the top-of-the-line EV6 model, this electric SUV qualifies as a supercar. Yes, you read that right. But, along with that 577 horsepower comes 546 foot-pounds of torque and a towing capacity of over 3,500 pounds, making it one incredibly versatile drive.

Looking for an all-wheel drive vehicle that can burn the rubber off its own tires? EV6

Need a crossover SUV that can go almost anywhere and bring everything you need for a weekend adventure? EV6

How about a fuel-efficient grocery getter with its own unique styling? EV6

Whatever performance metrics you’re seeking, you can create the perfect vehicle from the many configuration options available with the EV6 lines.

When it comes to safety, EV6 is no slouch. It’s loaded down with the best Kia has to offer, including:

  • Advanced driver assistance tech
  • Available augmented reality heads-up display
  • Semi-autonomous driving
  • Remote parking assistance (it will literally park itself with you standing outside)
  • Safe Exit Assist

A complete list of safety features and other details are due to be released as the EV6 line comes to dealerships in the United States. It will be available at Lawrence Kia in early 2022, stay tuned!

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