Kia Remote Start – Winter Is Coming

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Kia Remote Start – It’s Not Just About Being Warm

Updated: 11/2/2020

Remote Start for Kia Sorento
Remote Start for Kia Optima

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, these words have meaning. And while the next series of GoT is forever in the works, you don’t have to wait to purchase a remote start for your Kia vehicle.

If you don’t watch Game of Thrones, it’s OK because winter is coming, and your car needs some TLC for this winter.


I have a 2014 Kia Sportage, and I’m looking to make it winter ready!   I was one of those car owners that didn’t believe in letting a car warm up in the winter.  A friend said newer model cars don’t need to warm up in the winter. But, after making a complete fool of myself on Facebook; declaring my belief in not warming up my car, I changed my mind. The reason is that I was educated on viscosity! The best way to describe viscosity is with pancakes, when you use cold syrup it pours slowly, and when you use warm syrup, it pours quickly.  The reason we need to warm up our cars is that we need the engine oil to heat up and lubricate the engine components, so they don’t rub together (metal on metal), get hot and change shape.

If you want to geek out on viscosity and racing, this is a great video to watch:

Last year I started sitting in my car for a couple of minutes, but even this was uncomfortable because it is freezing!  I started researching aftermarket remote starters, and while there are several options, I ended up studying on and what I learned is surprising.

What I learned is why it is best to buy a remote start from the Kia OEM and here are the highlights:

  1. With a Kia Remote Start it plugs into the integrated electrical harness, aftermarket remote starters require cuts and slices of some sort during the install.
  2. Kia designed the integration of the remote start with the vehicle engine immobilizer system. This system is unique to Kia models. Aftermarket remote starters are generic, and there is potential for them to interfere with the engine immobilizer system and electronic system. If you have a Kia and it has an aftermarket remote start, your warranty is null and void.

Now to understand what you get with a Kia Remote Start. Some of these features are standard, and others are only available with specific models, so call the dealership before deciding:

  1. Each system comes with 2 long-range remotes. Long range means between 500-3,000 feet and to help with understanding the distance, 1 mile is 5280 feet. When you remotely start your Kia, the hazard lights will turn on during the remote start run time. The only run time is 15 minutes because if it is winter and you don’t let the car warm up enough, there will be condensation which is bad on the engine.
  2. Remote rear defroster so you can see out your rear window with no problem. No need to scrape the back window it is done for you!
  3. It is easy to operate. There are two types of remote starts, one for a Kia with a key ignition and another with the start button ignition. If your car is running and you are ready to go, here are the two ways to go without turning the car off:
    • With a key ignition; unlock the door, put the key in the ignition and turn the key to the “on” position. At this point, the car will take over.
    • If you have a push-start ignition, you unlock the car, get in and press the start button twice.
  4. Activates Pre-set A/C & Heat Controls. This feature is not on all Kia models. The good news is, if you set your A/C, Heater & Defrost before you leave your car, it will be set when you use the remote start.
  5. Some remote starts have something called Progressive Find, if you can’t find your Kia in a parking lot it will honk 5 times and flash parking/hazard lights to help you locate it quickly.
  6. The remote start may require you to lock your doors after it starts or it locks the car when remote start initiates. But let’s be clear here, most likely you are locking your doors when you leave your car and if you don’t you should.

Life is just more comfortable when your car is ready when you are ready to drive. I spoke with Paige in parts here at Lawrence Kia, and she told me that she loves her remote start in the summertime because she can keep her dogs in her car with the car AC on. The only thing that I worry about with this situation is if you are shopping, get distracted, 15 minutes goes by, and your car turns off.  The solution is to set a timer on your phone or watch to remind you to remote start your car every 15 minutes.

We have started a remote start series on itemizing the parts you need for the Year, Make, Model of your Kia. Every week starting 8/16, we will be adding more blog posts on Remote Start Parts for your Kia.

Remote Start for Kia Sorento
Remote Start for Kia Optima

Take care of your Kia and your Kia will take care of you!  If you want to have a remote start installed on your Kia, call our service department to get started 888-779-8210. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the other accessories for your Kia.

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