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July 19, 2019 by Brett Peters

Kia UVO Services

For many people, your vehicle is not only your mode of transportation but part of your personality. We want you to buy a car that makes you feel confident, safe, and wanting to drive it every day. We also believe you should love your vehicle. And Kia believes you deserve the best, so they came up with Your Voice, better known as Kia UVO. Since Kia models have their own personality, they created different UVO suites; eServices, eco, and luxe. Each of these different UVO suites is designed with their own set of features and services for the different Kia models. All Kia models are equipped with the standard UVO essentials, but the eco and luxe include features that will help enhance the personality and profile of your vehicle.


The following UVO features are included in all Kia models.

Emergency Services

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance: This feature is beneficial when you get into a bind. You never know when you could get a flat tire or need to pull over for a maintenance issue, and roadside assistance is there to help. The feature keeps you from having to try to look up phone numbers and businesses that are still open if it is later in the night. With the push of a button in your UVO app, you will be put in contact with roadside assistance who will get you in touch with a 24/7 towing company.

911 Connect: Emergencies are few and far between, but when they happen, Kia UVO is here to help. When your phone is connected to Bluetooth 911, Connect will automatically attempt to call 911 if an airbag deploys. From there, your location will be sent to an emergency response agent.

Infotainment & Communications

Hands-free Calling and Texting: It is easy to spend much of our time on the phone talking and texting. Because of this, Kia UVO has made phone use smooth and straightforward by allowing hands-free calling and texting. Using the UVO voice recognition when connected to Bluetooth, you can call and text with your hands still on the wheel. Voice command will also allow you to send texts as well.

Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ Compatibility: Smartphones are the newest technology that everyone has. UVO has the compatibility to tune in to your Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto features quick and simple, so you do not miss a beat.


Personal Assistant

Parking Minder: Everyone has those days where we forget where we parked our car. Whether it is a Saturday at the mall or the end of a long day, knowing where your vehicle is located can be forgotten. With the UVO Parking Minder, you can save your parking location right on the app. Within this feature, you can also set parking times and meter reminders, so you never have to worry about where you parked your vehicle or if the meter has run out!

Trip Info: Trip Info helps you understand your driving methods. This feature tracks all your driving habits monthly, including how much driving you do, how fast you drive, and how far you drive. The info collected can be helpful if you are trying to understand how to get better gas mileage, find out why your miles keep rising and so much more! Get all your data in one place with this great feature.

My POIs with Send-to-Car: We all have points of interest or POI like work, our home, or our favorite coffee spots. With Send-to-Car, you can add your daily locations as well as your favorite places to the app or online portal. The next time you get in your car, you can get exact directions to those favorite POI’s.

Diagnostics & Service

Vehicle Diagnostics: Is your vehicle driving differently? Did an icon light up on the dash? The Vehicle Diagnostics feature allows you to do a quick check with the press of a button. From this point, you can get an idea of what could be wrong. You can then call roadside assistance or schedule an appointment with your local or preferred Kia Service Department to make an appointment all from the UVO app. This feature is not the answer to the problem at hand, but it can give the certified technician a better idea of where to refine the diagnosis for the issue.

Critical Diagnostic Alert: The Critical Diagnostic Alert is designed to notify you, when connected to Bluetooth, of specific essential issues that could arise with your Kia. By having this feature, you are then able to call roadside assistance or make a Service appointment with the app as soon as possible.

You can always schedule your service appointments online here as well.

My Car Zone


Curfew Limit Alert: For those of you that have a family member or friend that borrows your car, you can keep them on track with the Curfew Limit Alert. This feature will send a notification to your smartphone, letting you know that someone is driving your vehicle after the specified time. You can set this time on your app or the online portal.

Speed Alert: Speed Alert is designed to give you peace of mind whether you or someone else is driving. This feature will make it known when you or the driver are driving above the speed limit that was set. You can set this up on the app or the online portal.

Geofence Alert: There are certain places or areas that you might not feel comfortable with your family or friends driving in. With the Geofence Alert feature, you can set up restricted areas or boundaries for your vehicle. If someone breaks the boundary, you will be notified on your smartphone through the app. These boundaries and restrictions can be set up through the app or on the online portal.


Kia believes that having fun with the UVO app will give you more of a reason to use the app as well as keep up to date on your maintenance services. The UVO app now has awards or badges you can receive by being the best driver you can be. Driving efficiently, staying up to date on scheduling your service visits, adding POI’s, and much more will help you win these badges. The more active you are in the app the more you earn. This is a fun way to stay on top of your vehicle’s needs, keep up with safe driving and so much more while making the most out of your everyday drives!

Driving is made more comfortable with the UVO features. The eServices features can give you peace of mind when you get into your Kia daily. Check out our new vehicles here, and soon you can try out these features for yourself when you get into your new Kia!

UVO eco

All the eServices that were discussed above are, as we said before, in all Kia Models. For the 2018 and above Niro Plug-In Hybrid, Optima Plug-In Hybrid, Niro PHEV, and Soul EV you get the UVO eco features as well. Eco features will keep you in the know about charging your vehicle, and you get the added remote features as well.

Charging Status Control: This feature makes life a little easier by keeping you from taking a step outside your door. The Charging Status Control will let you check if your vehicle is done charging. You can view your battery charge status from your online portal or smartphone.

Charge Schedules: This feature allows you to plug in anytime and charge when you want to. You can also use this feature to have a set charging schedule that will repeat automatically. This makes it easy to charge during off-peak hours when electric rates are lower.

Remote Lock/Unlock: Did you forget to lock your door? Are your hands full or in a hurry to get to a meeting? With this feature, there’s no need to worry. Using the UVO eco app or online portal, you can send a command to lock or unlock your Kia. This will save you time and worry wherever you might be!

Find Charging Stations: Need a charge? Finding a charging station can be difficult if you do not know where to look. With the Find Charging Stations feature, you can find what you need quick and easy. By using the app, you can select the Nearby Stations icon on your app, on your vehicle screen or through the online portal. From there you will find real-time info on the nearby charging stations. Keep life and charging simple with this feature!

Find My Car: Parked your car for a family outing and lost your way back to the car? Are you worried about where your family member is at on the road? Keep track of your vehicle, even when you’re not in it. Find My Car can locate your vehicle remotely and give you step-by-step directions to get you back to the comfort of your car. This feature is also helpful to put your mind at ease when your friend or family member is behind the wheel.  

Remote Climate Control: You can set yourself up for comfort right from the start with the Remote Climate Control feature. Use the smartphone app to start your engine remotely. From there you can turn on the heater and defroster to warm up the vehicle when the weather begins to get too cold for comfort or turn on the air conditioner to keep cool during those hot summer days. This will give you the perfect cabin climate the moment you get into your Kia.

Valet Alerts: If you are heading out for a night on the town, keep your mind at ease when you hand your keys over to the valet. This feature will notify you if your vehicle is driven past the perimeter that you have set using the app. This is only available on the Niro PHEV.

If the UVO eco features are making you rethink your need for a new vehicle, check out our Hybrids here and feel better when you drive!

UVO luxe

Kia K900 vehicle owners enjoy all the UVO eServices as well as a membership to the Prestige Club, Kia’s exclusive call center for premium clients. This is the cherry on top for all the UVO features!

The Prestige Club: The Prestige Club is Kia’s exclusive concierge-like service line for UVO luxe owners. With this membership, you’ll receive immediate access to the luxury services call center, where a dedicated service representative is available to help with information or give resources that will help give you the most out of your driving experience. This feature will always put your mind at ease when you get into your Kia vehicle.

Remote Engine Start/Stop: Is summer in full swing? Or is winter starting to take a toll? With the Remote Engine Start/Stop feature, you can keep from setting foot outside to start your vehicle. Use the app or online portal to start or stop your vehicle from the comfort of the indoors. From there you can use the Remote Climate Control feature to adjust your settings, so they are just right when you are ready to drive!

Find My Car: As well as the Remote lock/unlock and Remote Climate Control features that are available with the UVO eco the Find My Car feature is also part of the UVO luxe. You can locate your Kia remotely and get directions to it. This is a smarter way to keep track of your Kia when you’re not behind the wheel.

Remote Lock/Unlock: Just like with the UVO eco feature the UVO luxe allows you to conveniently lock or unlock your vehicle’s doors right from the UVO app or the online portal. This makes for peace of mind, right in the palm of your hand.

Check out our K900’s here if you are ready to join the Prestige Club!

Drive with ease wherever you go with the different UVO apps and have fun along the way! Kia is here to make sure that your vehicle has its own personality that gives you peace of mind!

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Dana Olsen
Dana Olsen
3 years ago

Yes my husband and I bought a K900 in Tucson Az and we paid quite a bit extra for an extended warranty the dealership in Tucson neglected to tell us the warranty was only good in Tucson, is there something that can be done about that? We now live in Utah and when I go to AZ I fly! So really we wasted thousands on a warranty that is no good to us here!! If that isn’t a scam then I guess I’m really stupid! Thanks

Maria Marcotte
Maria Marcotte
3 years ago
Reply to  Dana Olsen

Hi there, we would recommend that you call the dealership that you purchased the car from or the warranty company and cancel the warranty. They should be able to help you get everything fixed for you! We hope this helps! If you have more questions feel free to give us a call at (785)856-8700!