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May 31, 2021 by Anne Kelley

Kia Wireless Apple Carplay/Android Auto

Among the many great features you’ll find in several 2021 Kia models are tools for easier and faster smartphone connectivity with your infotainment display system. Kia is pleased to offer wireless connectivity for both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on many 2021 K5, Sorento, and Seltos vehicles! Now, whenever you get into your vehicle, your phone can automatically connect without you having to deal with a lot of wires and plugs.

New to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

If it’s been a hot minute since you’ve shopped for a new car, you may be surprised by how far vehicle displays have come. For example, many Kias have 8 inch or larger displays that make navigation a breeze. You can interact with your phone on that big display, regardless of whether you’re an Apple or an Android fan. Both offer a myriad of tools to make communicating and driving safer, but Apple CarPlay is only available for iPhones and Android Auto is only available for Android phones.

These tools are very similar, meant to provide equivalent functionality regardless of your platform. There are a few minor differences, like that Apple CarPlay offers Siri, where Android Auto is powered by Google Assistant, but for the most part, many apps are very similar, if not exactly the same. You’ll find tools like:

  • Maps for navigation. Both systems can utilize Google Maps, though Android Auto does a much better job with it, since it’s native to this software galaxy. Apple CarPlay has an equivalent mapping system that’s native for its devices, though, so have no fear.
  • Communication. Not only can you access a variety of messaging platforms, your phone book and telephone apps are ready for action though both CarPlay and Android Auto. Using voice control to make your important phone calls is a much safer alternative than fiddling with a telephone, even in stop and go commuter traffic.
  • Organization. Need to use some of that time in the morning to get organized for your day? Don’t worry! You can access your calendar or listen to an audiobook as you drive to and from the office, gym, or to and from lunch.
  • Current Events. Trying to stay up with current events? Your car can keep you on top of all the latest headlines with compatible apps for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that deliver both news and podcasts that keep you in touch with an ever-changing world.
  • Music. Looking for some new music to vibe to while you’re driving to and from the office? Choose from a myriad of popular music apps already on your phone to explore old favorites and new releases with your voice alone!

How to Connect to CarPlay or Android Auto


Connecting your phone is simple! First, turn Bluetooth and WiFi on in your phone’s settings.

Next, press the Setup key on the display unit. Choose Device Connection Settings, then Phone Projection, then Add New.

Now you can go to your phone and select your vehicle from the Bluetooth devices menu. Accept the pairing request and your phone is connected to your car! Your car’s display will walk you through the rest of the setup options.

Please note that USB connectivity is still available for Android Auto users, but it’s no longer supported for Apple CarPlay.

What’s Next for Kia Connectivity?

The Kias of the future promise even more connectivity, easier ways to stay in touch with friends and family, and better methods of charging your phone. In fact, there’s even talk of wireless smartphone charging coming to future models!

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7 months ago

Hi does the latest model kia cerato gt connect to a android phone wireless

Carol Connors
Carol Connors
4 months ago

Does the 2021 KIA Seltos connect to Apple CarPlay wirelessly? Or, do I have to use a Lightning cable with USB A to connect to my Seltos to use Apple CarPlay?

4 months ago

When will the 2022 K5 GT-line get it’s software update for wireless carplay? As of now I can only access it through wired USB.

4 months ago

Do you have a date set for when the 2022 K5 GT Line will be updated to support Bluetooth carplay? As of now it only works with a wired connection.

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