Mike Robeson

Meet Mike Robeson:

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN

Family: We’re a blended family, with our older daughter practicing her leadership skills on her two younger brothers.

Pets: We have a year-old Miniature Australian Shepherd named Mila and a 6-month-old barn cat named Cali.

Hobbies: We love events like Sporting KC, the Royals, and family activities-anything where we can be together, exploring, laughing and making memories.

First Car: My first vehicle was a 1997 GMC Jimmy – the first, I should say, that I was able to drive and experience the freedom the open road allows.

Favorite Car: I think I’d enjoy a Tesla Model X or a BMW M6, either will do, but the kids will enjoy riding in the Model X versus walking beside or behind the M6.

I love and appreciate the opportunity to help my customers, learn from a wonderful management staff, and continue to work towards making my dreams come true while being a part of a great team at Lawrence Kia.  As a previous national champion in cheerleading, I couldn’t dream of being a part of a better team – better yet, a family, where we all care about each other and our customers. What a blessing, what an opportunity!