Protection We Offer

ResistAll NG2

External Protection

A new milestone in automotive appearance & protection. Superior surface protection for aluminum alloy and chrome wheel, headlight lenses, water spotting on chrome.

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Lifetime Warranty Wrap

Lifetime Warranty Wrap

Pro-certified lifetime limited warranty covers repairs for mechanical failures of powertrain components. By adding a lifetime “wrap” service contract, you can drive with confidence that comes from having our most comprehensive coverage.

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Guaranteed Asset Protection (G.A.P.)

Guaranteed Asset Protection Lawrence Kia

G.A.P. is a unique coverage program that protects you from financial disaster in case your vehicle is stolen or totaled. G.A.P. covers the difference between your loan or lease balance and your insurance settlement.

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Platinum Protection Plan

Platinum Protection Plan Lawrence Kia

Nation Safe Drivers Platinum Protection Plan offers windshield repair protection, key/remote replacement, tire and wheel replacement, roadside assistance and more.

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Premier Maintenance Plan

Premier Maintenance Plan

Depending on your specific driving habits, we will tailor a maintenance plan to your needs. It covers, replaces engine oil and filters, lubricates the chassis, rotates tires, and adjusts tire pressure.

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Resistall Purify

Resistall Purify

Once applied to your vehicle’s interior cabin, cargo area, and A/C ventilation system, ResistAll Purify eliminates 99% of germs and harmful odors.
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Preferred Tire Care

Preferred Tire Care

Preferred tire care covers wheels & tires, no mileage limits and up to 5 years coverage. Covers, cosmetic damage and curb damage to both new and used cars.
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